Isabella the Catholic's Route in Castilla y Leon


La Figura de Isabel la Católica

Figure of Isabella the Catholic

Isabel was born and died in Castilian territory. She spent her first 25 years in this region: her childhood, her adolescence and her busy political life with her itinerant court. She always was aware of the conflict of succession in Castile and also she was involved in the struggles of nobility  to reach the power.

It was in the Crown of Castile where she forged her strong personality and her determination to govern and achieve the unification of the kingdoms of Spain.

In these lands they took place some of the happiest events for her: her marriage to Fernando I of Aragon, her coronation as the Queen of Castile and the birth of her first daughter.

In the context of an era marked by the late Gothic and early Renaissance, with important local influences, such as the Mudejar style, we should point out in this route some important  artistic and cultural milestones: their palatial buildings (extincted or not), founding churches and convents, noble houses...

Contexto Histórico

Historical context

The route travels through various towns in the provinces of Avila, Segovia and Valladolid, proposing the visit of buildings and landmarks in the life of the queen.

Furthermore, we explain the most relevant historical facts that occurred in these places, as well as natural landscapes.

On the other hand, there are located the information points and tourist offices in each city, so you can access them to request further information about this great character.